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Personal Discipling

Personal Discipling with Choose to Soar

women-group-ministryIs your ministry needing igniting? Strategic planning, team training, marketing, or coaching you as a leader, is one of our passions. We have the experience and skills to launch your ministry to new heights.

There is nothing like personal discipling. Ever feel like God has rescued you, and you are thankful, but wonder for what purpose you are alive? Or maybe you just feel “stuck.” You know you have gifts, and skills but not sure how to use them, or if there is a place for you? Well we always have something to give because there is always someone to give something to, right? Maybe you have forgotten your passion, or how to dream.

There is a solution and the time is now!

Contact us today to make 2016 a year of tremendous Kingdom Impact and become all that God intended you to be!

Also, Coaching, Mentoring and Developing twenty-something leaders is the focus of Protege.

If you are interested in learning more about Personal Discipling, contact contact Lindy Fox for any questions.