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Choose to Soar’s mission is to support others’ callings. Teaching, training, coaching, and encouragement is our purpose. Igniting faith to change lives is our passion.

Summary of Protege Equipping Day January 28, 2017

Before I start with the summary of the day, know that God was glorified and His Presence was felt.  This was because of the faithful, consistent prayer warriors. Thank you all for praying.  Would like to specifically thank:

Lindy Fox, Pat Walters, Lynne Freauf, Brenda Smith, Bea Smith, Martha LaBounty, Marilyn Thomasson, and Margie Green. 

There were 24 young women attending- age 22-35 , actually one was 38years old.  The group consisted of  women who are in college, newly married, and married with children, starting their careers, and some in full time ministry.

The flow of the day:

Tanya opened with introduction, and the  plan for the day, etc.  Our first session started with Kate Henderson who spoke on “What Would Jesus Post.” Equipping them on how  to present themselves as Christians on social media.

Next session was Simone Monroe speaking on Bridging the Gap—about different generations and why and how each think like they do.  Equipping them on how to communicate within different generations.

Tanya’s topic was –Are Goals Biblical.   Why and how  we should set goals to help reach our purpose and potential. All for His glory.

After Lunch, we had our Leadership Nugget Panel.  We gave a list of about 16 “nuggets” and ask the women to select one they want  the panel to expand on.  The four speakers sat as a panel and discussed these questions with the audience. 


The afternoon’s session was Rebecca Bradford. She spoke on “Purity of  Heart.”  Equipping them with Gods Word and His desire for them to have a pure heart and as well as working  wholeheartedly .

The closing session was Tanya speaking on “Greater  things than these”.  Sending them off with an ignited faith to know God’s Word is absolute truth.  Reminding them  that Jesus said we could do greater things, and as Christ Ambassadors, (this is  Protege’s foundation verse-2 cor 5:20), we have a responsibility to know Him and share Him with others.

At the end of the day, they all stayed at least another 15 minutes filling out the survey we gave them.  Below is a summary.

How would you rate the overall Protege Equipping Day.  (1 being the worst, 5 being the best)   —all 5’s, one 4

The overall comments on the Panel for Leadership Nuggets were:

-they loved hearing from all of us

– would like more topics discussed and want that session longer (we increased our time from last year because they wanted more. Looks like even more)

A few specific comments : 

            -Loved the Plethora of Godly wisdom from all the ladies.

            -Jesus is in Protege

            -As long as you keep moving in the Spirit, Protege will keep growing in Jesus     name and time.

            -I loved it all!


All said they walked away from the Equipping day with information and desire to grow closer to the Lord

All said they would attend another Protege Equipping Day.

We did ask for them to rate each session,  which included, topic/how it helped them/comments on presentation-presenter/ and what would they do to improve the session.

This helps us greatly to continue to develop and equip them and meet the needs.


Thanks again to Rebecca Bradford, Simone Monroe, Kate Henderson, and Lindy Fox. An awesome job well done!

Thank you faithful prayer warriors and supporters.  Know that your investment in Choose To Soar Ministries just help move 24 young woman closer to living God’s ways, and trusting Him more. 

Praising Him!



Six years ago on January 12, 2011 Choose To Soar began.  It is exciting to look back and see how God has woven CTS into the lives of women who have a passion for God’s kingdom.  We grew rapidly, a few of the items accomplished were:

  • Training and Equipping women to teach the God’s Word (over 400 trained)
  • Expansion of bible studies into neighborhoods
  • Mentoring appointments on weekly basis (8-10 women)
  • Consulting services with start-up ministries

In the last two years, two special projects emerged: 1) Emergency relief following the tornado in Rowlett, Texas and 2) The development of a mentoring initiative.  On December 26, 2015 devastation struck many of our neighbors.  Through our generosity of our donors we were able to organize food, clothing, and supply distribution.  More than that, we were able to bring people together to offer compassion and the ministry of presence.


There is a critical need for a program which addresses the leadership and spiritual growth of women in the 21-34 demographic.  We are addressing that need through a new initiative titled “Protege Project.” It is an effort to provide healthy patterns for life and leadership.  Many of these participants helped us in the tornado relief efforts, attended Christian leadership camps, and met regularly for training and mentoring.  We use 2 Corinthians 5:20 as the foundation: “We are Christ’s Ambassadors.” Our goal is to provide equipping, materials, experiences, and relationships which will allow the Proteges to reflect God’s message, methods, and character… wherever He places them.  The response from these young women has been exciting; lives are changed as they develop a deeper relationship with Christ.

 Beginning August 2017, Protege Project will join with the international ministry, Hope for the Heart.   Hope for the Heart has a 30 year track record of speaking into the world through radio, publications, international conferences, and leadership development.  We believe God is leading in this new partnership. Choose To Soar will continue to spearhead the program in conjunction with Debbie Stuart, Director of Ministry Initiatives for Hope for the Heart.  


Your financial support has permitted us to grow.  Your support is critical as we take this next step. The scope of the CTS ministry will expand requiring more resources for material/content development and travel.  As we reach out, we touch more women who will lead others at a time when Christian leadership is so badly needed.

In the past the bulk of our annual funding came through our annual golf tournament.  In addition, we have sustaining donors who stand with us monthly for whom we are most grateful.

The Board of Directors and I have decided to forego our annual fundraising golf tournament this year, but ask you to continue to support us at the various tournament levels.

  • Blue Tee Sponsor:      $1000
  • White Tee Sponsor:    $500
  • Red Tee Sponsor:        $250

If you prefer to support us at the Players levels:

  • Eagle Manic:         $200
  • Birdie Getter:         $150
  • Par Shooter:           $100

Everything that has been accomplished would not have been possible without your support in the past and continuing support. Thank you for your generosity. 

Please pray about being a “tournament sponsor” or “player.”  We need you.  There are many appeals for financial support this time of year, but we are asking you to support what the Bible commands us to do, and that is to raise up the next generation as well as build disciples.  Thank you for considering partnering with CTS and support an initiative which changes lives and ignites faith in millennial age women.  And Happy Birthday to Us!

Praising Him!

Tanya Magnus
Founder, Choose To Soar Ministries
Igniting Faith…Changing Lives!

Protege – Moving Forward in life and leadership


Protege exists to develop, equip, and ignite young women leaders through mentorship by godly, experienced women of influence.

CTS has supported many young women in attending leadership camps (Pine Cove, Athletes in Action, Sky Ranch, StuMo) and many mission trips across the country.

Don’t Miss a New Protege “Equipping Day”, on January 28, 2017. Hurry and Sign Up below.
Cost: No Charge
Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, 701 E. Interstate 30, Rockwall, TX 75087, Phone: 469.698.2200
Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall

If you are interested in attending the Protege Equipping Day, contact Lindy Fox as soon as possible. Space is limited for our Equipping Day.

We want you to walk away from this day event more equipped to lead in your daily life, as well as settling in on your “Piece of the Puzzle,” and move you closer to the Lord to hear His direction. We want to help you get set up to live the life God intended for you to live.
Some of the topics we want to address are the following:

• Your Dream Job
• How to study the Bible/quality quiet time
• Relationship managing
• Called to do vs Can do
• How to take your dreams/goals/ and be led by the Spirit
• Thinking outside the box
• Dressing who you say you are and represent
• Social Media and Jesus
• Servant hood
• Characteristics of a leader

Contact us now to get your spot, as space is limited.

If you are interested in Protege, contact Lindy Fox for any questions.

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